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What a Continental Breakfast Looks Like Around the Globe

What a Continental Breakfast Looks Like Around the Globe

Starting the day off with breakfast looks very different depending on where you wake up.

Starting the day off right looks very different depending on where you wake up. In a few parts of the world, breakfast means hot soups and cold cuts, in others, it is a simple porridge or simple pastry. A couple of places believe that the first meal of the day is the most important, while others can do away with it altogether. Read on to learn about what a continental breakfast looks like in different countries around the world!

Costa Rica

The best way to get into the spirit in Costa Rica is by starting off the day with a large plate of gallo pinto. This stir-fried rice and beans dish is made with red pepper, cilantro, onion, and a couple of dashes of the country’s famous sauce, Salsa Linzano. It’s served next to a side of eggs, plantains, avocado, or cheese. The rounded mound of gallo pinto looks quite similar to the spotted chicken for which it’s named. You can find the Gallo pinto in any hotel, restaurant, or roadside eatery in Costa Rica.


The ideal Swiss breakfast features muesli with yogurt, milk, fruit, and coffee or tea. While the classic breakfast cereal is popular around the globe, it originated in Switzerland in the early 1900s. The fresh, healthy, and light dish is usually made of raw rolled oats that are sometimes soaked in fruit juice or water overnight and then is mixed with other fresh and dried fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds.

Italy, France, and Spain

One trio of countries with similar ideas on the first meal of the day, Italy, France, and Spain, disagree with the notion that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. A morning coffee is indispensable, but extra sustenance is usually not required. While in Rome, Paris, or Madrid, do as the locals do and start off the day light, with a croissant with a coffee at a café, a biscotti with a cappuccino in Italy, or some toast with a tomato and olive oil with café con leche in Spain. You will want to save room in your stomach for the rich and savory meals awaiting you at lunch and dinner.

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