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Christmas Markets Throughout Europe

Explore Europe with AESU, and discover some of the best Christmas markets this holiday season!

Planning a trip to Europe over the holiday season? Well then you’re in luck! It’s one of the most magical times to visit – from festive decorations to yummy snacks and holiday beverages, plus the holiday season marks the arrival of Christmas markets! Christmas markets are typically set up in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and offer everything from food, to ornaments and unique gifts typically hand-made by the people selling it to you. Explore Europe with AESU, and discover some of the best Christmas markets this holiday season!


The Christmas Markets, called Marchés de Noël, in Paris, feature a colorful variety of foods and holiday sights. You will find that roasted chestnuts are very popular at these markets, and they are the perfect walking snack. See the giant Christmas tree at Notre Dame or marvel at the light show presentation at the Champs de Mars, directly at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.


The holidays are a major affair across the UK; there are several Christmas markets, and at least a dozen in London alone. Leicester Square is one of the oldest markets, having been around since the 1670’s, and there you can find over 30 pop-up stalls and shops selling Christmas wares as well as putting on live shows. Another popular Christmas market is held in view of the famous Tower Bridge, London Bridge City, where you can explore the market stalls, watch a classic Christmas film, and participate in craft workshops. Enjoy a hot toddy, a warm and comforting whiskey and honey drink, while taking in the sparkling twinkle lights that decorate the houses.


There are many famous markets across Germany, but the town of Leipzig is known for having one of the largest and oldest ones. The main Christmas Market at Leipzig dates back to the mid-1400’s, and it still holds its timeless charm. Upon entering the market, you will be surrounded by over two hundred stalls glittering in Christmas lights. Each vendor offers its own versions of traditional German toys, decorations, and cuisine. You can enjoy German classics, like bratwurst and local beer, as well as a variety of Christmas treats. Glühwein is a mulled wine that is a holiday staple, as well as stollen bread that is filled with seasonal fruits and nuts, and lebkuchen which is a type of gingerbread. In addition, you can marvel at the 60-foot Christmas tree in Marktplatz, the market square, or ride the giant Ferris wheel in Augustusplatz square and enjoy the beautiful Christmas scene from above.

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