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Morocco: Exploring Marrakesh

When many people think of Morocco, they picture Casablanca. There is so much more beauty and history to experience, and you can start with the nearby city of Marrakesh. Travel with AESU on our Moroccan Magic tour, and we’ll help you to see the best of Marrakesh.

Experience the History 

From royal viziers to famous artists, Marrakesh is filled with thousands of years of history. Tour the ornate Palais Badii and Bahia Palace, where you’ll see intricate mosaics and oasis-like courtyards. And you must see the Musee Berbere, also known as the Berber museum, which showcases the traditional jewelry, crafts, and music of the indigenous Berber peoples.


Next, enter the activity of the open-air souks. These merchant shops have everything from traditional crafts to Moroccan lamps, and haggling is strongly encouraged. In particular, the souk Djema El Fna, located in the main square, features amazing sights like acrobats, fortune-tellers, and even snake charmers. Later, you can get a taste of Moroccan culture with our Tagine cooking class, where a professional chef will take you through the steps to make this savory stew.


As you can imagine, there is no end to the activities to discover in Marrakech. You can take a look at the Koutoubia Mosque, the highest point in the city. For any art or fashion buffs, Yves St. Laurent Museum and Majorelle Gardens are places to learn about the beautiful fusion of Moroccan and French culture. Be prepared to take an adventure through the Agafay Desert with a camel ride, or an optional Atlas Mountains hike included in the tour. If you are looking for a less intrepid experience, then you can relax at the lush Royal Hammam Spa.

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