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The Magic of the Island of Hydra

Greek Island of Hydra

The slow, easy-going lifestyle of the island of Hydra is a sharp contrast to the frenetic pace of the Greek capital Athens, only a short 2 hour ferry ride away.

Of the thousands of islands dotting the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek islands are some of the most desired destinations for travelers all over the world. The cradle of Western civilization, the Greek islands feature a unique blend of the easy-going lifestyle most associate with the Mediterranean, historical ruins, natural beauty, and much more. One of these islands, Hydra, has particularly enchanted tourists, attracting famed names such as Leonard Cohen! Hydra, located in the heart of the Argo Saronic gulf and just a short 2-hour ferry ride from the Greek capital Athens, is a perfect option for a magical getaway on your next trip to Greece. Here are some of the sights you should put on your itinerary!

The Town of Hydra

Hydra lends its name not just to the island as a whole, but to the small town that serves as its main capital. It was built within a natural harbor and it can only be seen from the outside at a perpendicular angle. Hydra was declared by the Greek government to be a traditional settlement and it is protected as such. There are no cars in the town and new construction is strictly limited to traditional materials and architectural style. A stroll through the old town provides a flavor of the Old World – houses are constructed very close to each other, alleyways wind and meander in unexpected directions, and the beautiful colors and salty sea air mix together to create memories you’ll never forget!

Vlichos Beach

Vlichos Beach is a true beach located in a resort of the same name. Accessible by taxi-boat, or a 40 minute walk from the harbor in Hydra town, Vlichos is a far cry from the commercialized, developed beaches that you might be used to. Even by the standards of the island, it is a quiet oasis of calm perfect for rest and relaxation. Small taverns can be found around the beach for you to enjoy some delicious Mediterranean cuisine in comfort.

Kaminia Village

If you think the town of Hydra too populated or too touristy, consider a walk to the village of Kaminia. Only 15-20 minutes on foot via the promenade in Hydra, Kaminia features a marina that provides the village area with fresh fish every day and does not have any souvenir or tourist shops within it. Several eateries serving fresh fish dishes are also available for your enjoyment!

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