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Exploring the Dutch Countryside

Discover the best ways to explore the Netherlands with AESU!

Whether you’re exploring the Netherlands for a week or passing through for the day, there is plenty to see and do throughout the Dutch countryside. What the Netherlands lacks in hills, it makes up for in its sparkling canals, iconic windmills, and endless rows of vibrant flowers. Discover the best ways to explore the Netherlands with AESU!

Rent a Bicycle  

The best way to explore the immense beauty of the Netherlands is by bike. The Dutch countryside is known for its flat terrain, making it the perfect place for cyclists of all skill levels. Rent a bike, fill a backpack with snacks, and enjoy the flourishing landscapes from the safety of a spacious bike path. If you’re lucky enough to visit during mid-April, your bike excursion will include over seven million tulip bulbs in full bloom! 

Go to the Beach

Bloemendaal is one of the most popular beach towns in Holland, especially during the summer! Visitors can reach the beach by public transport from Amsterdam, or by bicycle from Haarlem. The waterfront is lined with restaurants and bars, but the refreshing water of the North Sea is the real highlight of the trip. Walk along the coast, and enjoy views of the shimmering sea from sunrise to sundown!  

Take a Break From the City 

Just Northeast of Amsterdam sits the municipality of Waterland. Towns such as Edam, Marken, and Volendam are filled with historic charm, and they’re all a short trip away from the country’s famous capital. If you can, visit Edam on a Wednesday morning when the market is bustling with locals. Watch the farmers bring their cheese to town by boat and sample a slice for yourself! Once you’ve had your share of Edam cheese, head to Volendam to explore this marvelous fishing village. Walk along the waterfront harbor, have your picture taken in a pair of traditional Dutch clogs, and bite into a delicious stroopwafel! 

Explore the Netherlands with AESU!

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