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Fall in Love with Portugal

Fall in Love with Portugal

To experience Portugal for the first time is to discover a destination full of diversity.

Out of the many tourist destinations in western Europe, none have grown quite as much in recent years as Portugal. To experience Portugal for the first time is to discover a destination full of diversity. Lisbon, the capital, draws visitors in with its beautiful architecture, easy-going vibe, and amazing food. From here, travelers can head north to the mountains and plains surrounding Porto, or go south to some of the best beaches in Europe. Discover why so many have already fallen in love with Portugal and plan your next trip today!


Lisbon is a perfect destination for those looking for a beautiful city that they can visit any time of the year. The Mediterranean climate gives the city great temperatures year-round, giving Lisbon the warmest winters of any major city in Europe. Lisbon has a rich architectural tradition steeped in several techniques throughout the centuries – a testament to its heritage as a former world power during the Age of Exploration. Lisbon also has some of the best art galleries and museums in Europe featuring art from all over the world. And it is one of the areas central to the development of the classic Portuguese folk music style known as Fado.


Porto is located in the north of Portugal along the Douro River and is the perfect gateway to the Douro Valley, home of Portugal’s winemaking industry. It was in Porto that “port wine” was created and defined – the demarcation of the region for quality purposes by the government was one of the first attempts to control wine quality in Europe. Porto has been growing as a top-class tourist destination for several years – while it has been a known quantity amongst European travelers for a while, Americans are starting to catch on!

The South

Southern Portugal is among the most beautiful regions in the world for beach lovers. The Algarve region is home to a number of beaches ranked among the best in Portugal – the capital of this region, Faro, makes a great home base for travel in this region. In addition, you can hop off the mainland and spend some time on the island of Madeira. Featuring a culture separate from the mainland, the island is known by some travelers as the Hawaii of Portugal, with friendly locals, great weather, and amazing food!

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