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Ballymaloe and Farm-to-Table Dining in Ireland

Learn more about the Ballymaloe house, and the prevalence of farm-to-table restaurants in Ireland.

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Farm-to-table dining has been a prominent aspect of agriculture and food service in the United States for some time, but the movement is indeed a global endeavor. Chefs all over the globe are combining their culinary expertise and social awareness to produce fresh and locally inspired creations. Learn more about the Ballymaloe house and the prevalence of farm-to-table restaurants in Ireland.

What is Farm-to-Table?

The phrase, “farm-to-table” can have various meaning, but generally, it refers to food that comes straight from a farm, winery, ranch, or another producer. Concurrent with changes in food safety and freshness, the farm-to-table movement continues to gather steam throughout the world.

The Ballymaloe House

The Ballymaloe House is a Michelin rated restaurant located in County Cork, Ireland. Originally the home of Myrtle and Ivan Allen, the couple opened their doors as a public restaurant and guesthouse in 1964. The oldest parts of the house can be traced back to 1450, but most of the present building was completed in 1820. The house sits on 300 acres, and the menu changes daily according to the seasonal vegetables cultivated on the farm. The Ballymaloe house remains a quintessential example of Irish Country cuisine.

The Ballymaloe Experience

The Ballymaloe House takes their food seriously. The menu is based on food from their own farms and local farmers. Local producers supply the Ballymaloe kitchen with poultry, ducks, geese, and more. Aside from the fruits and vegetables that grow rapidly throughout the farm, the Ballymaloe house keeps their own free-range hens and free-range pigs as well.

Guests are also welcome to stay in one of the many rooms in the main house. Described as simple and elegant, Ballymaloe House accommodations offer beautiful views over the lush Irish country fields. Enjoy tea by the fire, or simply relax in the conservatory filled flowers and fresh herbs.

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