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The Importance of Remembering World Ocean Day

Learn more about why World Ocean Day is important.

June 8th is World Ocean Day, which is a time to raise awareness about the health of our oceans and remember to keep them clean. As you know, the majority of the earth’s surface, about seventy percent, is covered by water; oceans represent nearly all of it. Every continent around the world interacts with the oceans directly, and it’s essential to protect them as a vital part of our environment. Learn more about why World Ocean Day is important.

Why Oceans Matter

Although it’s easy to forget about oceans in day to day life, they play a major role in our ecosystem. Oceans are the main source of weather phenomena across the globe. For this reason, global warming can contribute to worse storms, like hurricanes, and because of how the ocean distributes the warmer air. Speaking of air, many people are surprised to learn that over fifty percent of the earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean. Not only are oceans essential for survival, but they provide a source of food and even medicine as well as a means for travel that much of the economy relies on. Not to mention, without oceans, many of the idyllic beach destinations would not exist.

The Importance of Conservation

The oceans contain their own ecosystem, entire worlds underwater of flora and fauna thrive there. But the unfortunate truth is that oceans take the brunt of the negative impact that humans have on the environment. Air pollution, global warming, litter, and toxic runoff all eventually find their way into the ocean. All of these pollutants kill off marine life and make the water dirtier and less habitable by the day. Humans don’t have to be the villains in this story. We can work to undo the damage and bring the oceans back to their natural balance.

Do Your Part

With any environmental issue, the problem is overwhelming, but it can be solved if every person contributes. World Ocean Day is about giving people a platform and resources to support the cause. You can help by recycling and responsibly disposing of waste, buying sustainable seafood to help reduce overfishing, and even joining the cause by signing a petition or supporting an environmental cause. A simple way to start is by watching what you pour down the drain, or checking that your car isn’t leaking fluids that could add to runoff. You can even volunteer or donate to an ocean cleaning project, or simply stop to pick up a plastic bottle left on the ground.

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