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Some of the Best Tips for Traveling Unplugged!

Some of the Best Tips for Traveling Unplugged!

More and more travelers are planning on going on an unplugged vacation so they can truly escape from the distractions of social media.

In a world dependent on Google Maps, where social media is king, the thought of phone-free travel could seem daunting. But as we have become more subservient to our phones, the idea of going unplugged is gaining popularity. More and more travelers are planning on going on an unplugged vacation so they can truly escape from the distractions of social media. Even if you don’t intend to, it is still smart to know how to travel without cell service or a phone charge. Read on for some of the best tips for traveling unplugged!

Set Your Travel Expectations Before Leaving

Whether you are taking a road trip or heading to a far-off remote destination, take some time to let your friends, family, and colleagues know that you will be, or could be, off the grid for a bit. Before you say goodbye to your digital devices, forget about cell service and head off on the getaway, and remember to share your travel itinerary with them so they know where you’re going and when. Giving them an emergency contact is also smart, and this will help alleviate any concerns and ensure peace of mind for both you and your family and friends.

Get Some Old-School Maps

If you are planning on traveling unplugged, remember that resources from the past still work well today. Look into those guidebooks, bring along paper maps, and navigate like it is 1999. Maps are still accurate and can help you get wherever you need to go if you’re unplugged. It’s also smart to bring a compass with you too so you know which direction you need to be going if you’re following the map.

Trust Your Instinct and the Locals

Traveling unplugged gives you the opportunity to engage with more people, nature, and the climate near you. Consider striking up a conversation with a few of the locals, other travelers, and tour guides. Immerse yourself in the present, and you will discover meaningful connections despite not having access to your phone. This is an excellent way to create some lifelong memories about your travels.

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