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Which Kind of Luggage to Bring on Your Next Trip

Which Kind of Luggage to Bring on Your Next Trip

The kind of luggage you pick depends on your destination and method of travel.

The kind of luggage you pick depends on your destination and method of travel. For a few trips, a backpack offers improved convenience. Sometimes a suitcase could be the better option. In today’s blog, we will outline both the pros and the cons of using a suitcase vs a backpack for your next adventure. We will go over packing, convenience, weight, versatility, and more. Read on to learn more!

The Pros of Backpacks

While using a backpack, both of your hands are free. This is arguably the most significant benefit. While wearing a backpack, you could use both hands to carry other gear, use your phone, drink, eat, and pay for things, all while on the go. It is convenient to be able to use both hands anytime instead of having to stop and set down your suitcase or rolling suitcase when you need to get something done. Backpacks also allow you to move over uneven terrain better. You could literally hike over mountains and rivers while wearing a backpack. Walking up and down stairs is easy as well. Roller suitcases only work correctly on smooth floors, and they even have issues on regular sidewalks. Backpacks are also healthier to carry. A good backpack will distribute the weight over your back, hips, and shoulders. If properly fitted, a quality hiking backpack will let you safely walk for miles without any injuries. Suitcases and rolling bags, on the other hand, just use a single handle that does not distribute the weight. You are also carrying all of the weight on one side of your body, which can put unhealthy pressure on your hips and back. A key point to remember while traveling with AESU, we don’t allow travelers to use large, standard backpacks on our trips, since our motor coach drivers can’t store backpacks with frames on them. We highly recommend using luggage and duffle bags for our trips.

The Pros of Suitcases

Suitcases let you access your clothes and gear much more easier. They fold open like a book, which allows you to easily see all of your gear and clothes inside. Due to the wide opening most have, you can quickly grab anything you have, and it makes organization easier. Rolling suitcases usually have two to four wheels on the bottom which do allow you to roll them over a smooth surface. This makes moving them through the airport or train station much easier. The shape of a suitcase makes packing much easier as well. Since they’re shaped like rectangles, most items we travel with are also shaped like rectangles. For example, folded clothes, tablets, books, toiletry bags, etc. So packing these inside a suitcase is a lot more efficient than packing inside of a cylindrical backpack. A suitcase can also keep your clothes wrinkle-free and protect your valuables much better than a backpack.

For more advice on which type of bag to use next time you travel, feel free to ask the team at AESU!

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