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Travel Gifts and Mementos

Travel Gifts and Mementos

By being more mindful of our purchasing while traveling, we can bring home gifts and mementos that will stand out.

The best part about traveling is the memories we make along the way. And it’s only natural that we would want to spread those memories with our friends and family, or bring reminders of our experiences into our everyday lives. Many of us have seen the tourist shops dotted around popular destinations such as the Eiffel Tower – some of us may have even brought home a souvenir from one of these shops too! And yet, travel enthusiasts may eventually find themselves with a box full of souvenirs in their closets. By being more mindful of our purchasing while traveling, we can bring home gifts and mementos that will actually stand out and bring back those great memories. Here are some souvenir buying tips to guide you the next time you travel.

Go Practical

One of the most popular types of souvenirs is the miniature model. Whether it’s a miniature Big Ben, Leaning Tower of Pisa, or Eiffel Tower, these models definitely stand out when displayed. But they are not very practical, and you’ll find that you’ll soon run out of display space, especially if you travel often! Instead, consider purchasing a souvenir with more practical use. For example, travelers to Japan will find themselves with a lot of spare change owing to the prevalence of cash in the country. A coin change purse is a perfect souvenir for this trip – it’s practical, and it will remind you of your awesome experience every time you pull it out. You can also consider items such as kitchen utensils, computer desk accessories, and more.

Buy Small Souvenirs for Friends/Family

It’s likely that your non-traveling friends and family will want you to pick up something for them on your travels. It can be tough to satisfy everyone, especially if they have a list! Keep in mind that you only have limited space in your baggage for the trip home – and paying an overweight fee to the airline never feels good at the end of a great trip. When on the hunt for souvenirs to give to friends and family, look for smaller items that will evoke your destination. Keychains are great for this and can be your stand-by if you’re not sure what to get. Local specialties such as tea or wooden carvings can be more personal and better for closer friends and family.

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